spider shoes model wave




WAVE, la scarpa da vela ''must have''. Studiata in ogni minimo dettaglio per offrirti il massimo delle prestazioni in termini di grip su superfici lisce e bagnate e, grazie a fori di drenaggio, anche una rapida asciugatura. Ogni particolare concorre ad offrire un'esperienza d'uso ed un feeling mai visti. Con il suo design elegante e discreto la userai anche oltre la regata!

Modern style, incredible confort

That's our new footwear designed to ensure style and maximum grip in every situation. Choose Spider shoes model WAVE.

Ultragrip tread and draining sole

Our tread has been designed to offer never seen before grip on smooth and wet surfaces. To optain top performance in terms of drainage , we have created drain holes in the sole.

Knot-safe pocket

At the top of the neoprene tongue, we have created a pocket to storage and protect the strings from the edge tops.

Waterproof Fussbett

We developed an insole that accelerates foot drying by over 50% thanks to the hydrophobic fabric and the perforated EVA support.

Maximum lightness, only 269 gr.

In developing the shoe, we paid particular attention to weight to offer you maximum grip, quick drying and a competitive advantage.